Who is Brats Models and what do you do?

Brats Models is a model and talent agency for children. We promote and supply children to reputable clients for photographic advertising, television commercials, television series, films, magazines and fashion catalogues.

Our team acts as a liaison between the client and the child model or ‘talent’. In a typical scenario, the client will provide us with specific requirements. We then submit a selection of talent for the client to choose from.

Once the client has made their decision, we arrange for the model’s attendance on location and give the parent or carer specific information related to the job – for example, details on what to wear, hair and make-up, script etc.

How do I know you’re a reputable agency?

Brats Models is the little sister of our other agency, Broadcast Management. We have a great reputation in the industry and we’re proud of our client relationships. Director Michael Spott is a trained psychologist who has worked in the fashion and modelling industries for over 20 years. Michael has represented many leading celebrities and is responsible for giving hundreds of young Australians their first break in the industry. Brats Models is recommended by Practical Parenting Magazine and on the Huggies Australia website.

Can I ring the agency to check on how things are going?

If there’s any news, you’ll hear from us straight away. But we would like to hear from you either by phone or email every four to six weeks so you can update your child’s details (kids grow!).

Who are your clients?

Our clients are the main players in the advertising and entertainment industries. We work with leading casting and advertising agencies including M & C Saatchi, Clemenger BBDO, Singleton Ogilvy & Mather, George Patterson, Faith Martin, Mullinars, Casting Support Australia, I4 Casting, McGregor Casting, Toni Higginbotham Casting, Maizels and many others.

Our child models have appeared in television shows including Home & Away, All Saints, Always Greener and Temptation and on commercials for McDonalds, Huggies, Toyota, Greens Peanut Butter, LG, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Daily Telegraph.

Some of our regular catalogue clients include Myer, David Jones, Target, Best & Less, Osh Kosh, Eeni Meeni Miini Mooh, Bright Bots, Puma and magazines including Practical Parenting, Your Family, Your Toddler and Studio Bambini.

What’s your advice for selecting a good agency?

We strongly recommend that you do your homework first. Check out what the agency has to offer, their associated costs, their clients, and how many children they currently represent. And remember, no agent can guarantee work so be careful if they do!

How many children are on your books?

Ideally, we aim to have around 200 children on our books in each state office at any time. We strive to keep a balanced mix of talent which helps us supply our clients with a diverse range of looks, skills, age and ethnic backgrounds.

What ages do you represent?

We represent children from four months old to teenagers of sixteen years.


What type of work can my child look forward to?

Brats Models supplies talent for fashion catalogue work, product campaigns, television commercials, television series and even film. We work with leading brands such as Bonds, All Kinds, Myer, David Jones, Target, Huggies, Practical Big W and many more.

Is my child guaranteed work?

We’d love to say yes, but unfortunately Brats Models can not guarantee work for any child we represent. The child modelling industry is very competitive and we do not have any influence in the selection process – that’s up to our clients. However, we do try hard to select children who are most likely to get work – based on their looks and personality. But ultimately it is the client who decides which child gets the job.

Do you accept everyone who applies?

Unlike some agencies, we don’t accept every applicant. In order to represent each child responsibly and honestly we only accept children who we believe have a reasonably good chance of being the type of talent that casting consultants and our clients will be looking for.

How do I join?

If you think your child has the personality and looks to be a great model, we invite you to submit two recent photographs (head shot and full length shot) and fill out our online form. If we think your child has the right look for our agency, we’ll ask you both in for an interview.

How much does it cost to join Brats Models?

The fee for the first year is $640 including GST. These fees cover:

  • Photographs taken by a professional photographer.
  • Registration of your child’s details on an Internet casting facility.
  • 10 high resolution images of your professional photoshoot.
  • Administration expenses.

If I am not happy, can I get a refund?

We use your annual fee to produce marketing materials and cover administration costs so unfortunately your fee is not refundable. Remember, we’re committed to continuously promoting all the children on our books – even if you only hear from us when a casting or job is confirmed.

How does my child get paid and what commission do you charge?

After a job is completed, Brats Models will invoice the client and receive payment (usually within 30 to 60 days) on your child’s behalf. We deduct 20% commission from your negotiated fee and electronically transfer the funds into an account specified by you.

How will you promote my child?

Upon joining Brats Models your child’s details are placed on the Internet Casting Facility.

This Facility is a secure password-protected photo library that our clients use to search for the right child. It was developed by an independent company and has strict security protocols. No-one other than our clients has access to this facility. Approved clients can access it free of charge.

How do children get work?

Our clients seek ‘talent’ either by phoning us directly or by sending us a ‘brief’ outlining their requirements. The brief details the type of job, the type of talent required and what special abilities may be necessary.

Children who match these requirements will be submitted by us for the client’s consideration. The client then invites their choices to a casting (or audition) where they speak to each child and perhaps have a test run in front of the camera.

Sometimes jobs and castings are arranged at short notice – perhaps on the same or following day. Most jobs are scheduled during normal work hours so you have to be clear about this and – within reason – committed to attending at short notice. Generally, castings are after school.

Can my child be a member of more than one agency?

No. A child can only be with one agency at a time. Brats Models recommends that your child remain with us for at least one year from the time of enrolment to ensure that you have given enough time for your child to be properly promoted. However, if you wish to try another agency you must inform us in writing so we can delete your child from our files.


We’re always on the look out for gorgeous children who represent a range of looks, skills, age (from four months to 16 years) and ethnic backgrounds.

Do you think your child has the right look for our agency?


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